Cisco Caesar is what happens when lovers of blues, soul, vintage rock and alt-country get together -
the Staples Singers meet the Rolling Stones.  Get into it.
Our debut LP Burnt And Broken is now available in all it's glory and we're enjoying bringing it to the people - come and say hi at one of our regional or interstate gigs on the Burnt And Broken launch tour.

It's nearly Album Launch time friends - August 30 at The LuWow followed by three months of touring this baby.
Oh yeah.

Holy Moly - celebrating our 7th birthday with fans new and old last night was a blast!
We celebrated July 4th in style at The B.East with what seemed like hundreds of people singing and dancing along.  It was a great night and we look forward to another 7 years of bringing the Cisco Caesar love to people the world over.

We're happy to report that our debut LP is almost ready to be sent out into the universe - join us on August 30 at the LuWow for one heck of an album launch party.

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